Chapters' Commitment to the Environment  

We at Chapters Books & Gifts believe it is our responsibility to protect our planet and its resources.

In order to limit our company's negative impact on the environment we:

  • Recycle publisher catalogs, cardboard boxes, and other recyclable items used by or received by the store;
  • Adjust our thermostat and turn off lights and other electronic items when not in use;
  • Consolidate our book shipments by placing orders only when we have 15 or more titles to ship, therefore reducing the number of boxes, amount of packing material, and number of trips required to deliver our merchandise;
  • Ask our customers whether they need a bag, rather than automatically providing one;
  • Encourage our customers to use our reusable book bags for their purchases at Chapters and other stores;
  • Use shopping bags made with biodegradable, recycled plastic and paper;
  • Offer our customers a selection of toys and books for young children made from organic cotton and other earth-friendly, child-safe materials;  in addition, the toys and gifts we sell are high quality, long-lasting toys that will be used for many years rather than discarded and replaced in a short time;
  • Limit the products we carry that require batteries;
  • Order from companies who also express a commitment to environmental responsibility whenever possible;
  • Carry books that educate consumers on a variety of "green" topics such as parenting, home building, gardening, and purchasing.
We are constantly striving to become more environmentally responsible and welcome your suggestions.